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CF39 - Java Cafe / Coffee Closure

September 25, 2009

Today we finish up our discussion of COFFEE! We have feedback, a bit of coffee history, and a surprise package from a listener and good friend, Shelly Kelly. Shelly and her sister Lisa are the blogging sisters over at Of Sound Mind and Spirit. If you have never seen their blog before, you might just want to pay them a visit. And what's inside the package? Well, you'll just have to listen to find out!

Did you know that coffee started out as a Muslim drink? And at first Christian Europe was not too open to the Muslim's "Devil's drink." But a certain pope tried it, and... he like it! Suddenly coffee took over Christian society in the West. Which pope? Well, you'll have to listen to find out! Yes, again. I am "encouraging" you to listen to the show. Go ahead. You'll enjoy it!

A few links from the show... Making Music, Praying Twice - Our guest on the next show (Sept. 27) is Kate Daneluk. Check out her awesome site, and call 985-635-4974 with your questions and comments BEFORE the show. Perhaps we can address YOUR question in our conversation. You can also email questions to By the way, Kate recently posted an article on the Catholic Foodie, Music at the Table. Kate will join us THIS Sunday at 3PM Central on our USTREAM broadcast. Join us! - a great new resource for Catholic young adults (By the way, Mark & Katy Walker, founders of iibloom, will be our guests on the October 4th show. Plan on catching that on USTREAM at 3PM Central). Oh, and the Catholic Foodie is an "expert" there on the site. Campbell's Coffe & Tea Lola Savannah coffee CDM - Cafe du Monde coffee Coffee history resources from National Geographic The Pope Who Popularized Coffee Of Sound Mind & Spirit Chichory I also share with you a bit of my own philosophical thought on coffee and coffee houses. And, believe it or not, I am actually able to work in oysters and Yogi Berra. Unbelievable!

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