The Catholic Foodie

CF134 - Easter Crawfish and The French Quarter Festival

April 19, 2012

What exactly do I mean by “Easter Crawfish?” Well, crawfish season and Easter coincide each year since the high point of crawfish season spans the months of March, April and May. And, by the way, Easter is not over. Nope, not at all! We are now in the Easter Season… Looking forward to the Gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Anyway, it’s no coincidence that there are crawfish boils all across south Louisiana on Easter Sunday… And on Good Friday too. But more on that later in the show. Why are crawfish are such a big deal down here? I tell you in this episode. I also have some tips for you on boiling your own crawfish and a quick tutorial on how to peel a crawfish. This past weekend was French Quarter Fest in New Orleans and we spent the day there Friday. I’ll tell you more about the history, the music and the food of what has been called the “kickoff to festival season in New Orleans.” All this and more right here, at the Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith!