CF140 - The Catholic Foodie - Lebanese Stuffed Squash: Kousa Mahshi

September 18, 2012

I hated squash as a child. And during the summers we used to get a lot of it. My grandfather grew it in his garden, along with corn, tomatoes, and string beans. I loved the corn and tomatoes, but you could keep the squash and beans. I am very happy to say that my palate developed quite nicely as I grew up, and I now enjoy both squash and beans. And this dish is one of my favorite ways to prepare squash. Kousa Mahshi has been handed down by generations of Lebanese families. The recipe here is our version of this classic dish. The mahshi (or mihshi… or filling) for this recipe is about the same as it is for the Lebanese Grape Leaves, except here we are using beef instead of lamb.